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Data Storage Container

Data Storage Container:


  • Data Storage Container is the commonly used solution for simple data storing and its remote control. It allows making multiple environments operating with data in a single storage.
  • By using a data storage container, you can apply a smart organization to your projects’ topology and have many benefits like:

1. Data Persistence and Security

2. Simplified Management

Funds Saving 

  • Data storage container integration at Jelastic is based on an NFS protocol (network file system protocol), used for client-server communication.
  • There are two types of the procedure followed :

1. The data is exported (shared) from the storage container to some other instance.

2. The appropriate directory is mounted at a client container.

  • And in order to ensure the best experience while leveraging this feature, a dedicated Shared Storage Container stack is provided.
  • In BitssCloud any node can be treated as a data storage server including custom Docker containers, where such integration is implemented based on volumes functionality.

Types of Data Storage Containers:

1. Local filesystem

2. Master container

3. Compound container

4. Dedicated container

5. External server

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