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Environment Aliases

Environment Aliases

To ease the process of management, creating an alternative (alias) for an environment or a distinct node is the best option. It clarifies which item you are working with, so you’ll never make a mistake while choosing the environment/node that needs to be adjusted.

This ability is especially useful while working with numerous nodes of the same type, possibly due to the multi-nodes feature. Let’s consider this in the example of defining the master and slave nodes in a DB cluster.

1. Select the necessary environment with a set of same-type nodes and expand the instances list:


2. Choose the node you would like to add the label for and click the Set-Alias pencil pictogram next to it (or simply double-click on the Node ID: xxx string). Whatever you enter into the appeared input field, the value will be automatically saved.

3. In the same way, you can add a label for a whole environment (wherein the domain name will remain the same).

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