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Mount external Container

Mount External Server

BitssCloud allows mounting data from outside of the Platform (i.e from the external NFS server – your custom one or container at another installation) as simple as within its confines.

Note that a special adjustment may be required to be applied to your custom storage instance before mounting, in order to make data available for a client (it this has not been done before).If you are already familiar with NFS server configurations, just proceed below to mounting itself; otherwise, follow the link to check our example.

1. Within the Add Mount Point section, switch to the External Server tab.

and specify the following data:

  • Mount Point – path to the local folder the mounted content will be displayed at Note:
    • if the specified directory doesn’t exist, it will be created automatically
    • path can’t start with /proc/dev/sys/run or be equal to the following: //bin/lib/lib64/lib32/usr/usr/bin/usr/sbin/usr/lib or /usr/lib64 (this list may vary based on your provider’s settings)
  • NFS Server – external IP of the data storage server or its custom domain name
  • Remote path – exported files location on NFS server
  • Mount to all nodes – switcher to set the same mounts to be added for all nodes within the layer
  • Read Only – turn the switcher on to restrict the mounted data editing at client nodes (by default, the read & write rights are provided)

Confirm with Add button.

2. In a while, your data will be mounted and the appropriate record will appear in the list.

Now, you can start using the exported data based on the specified permissions.

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