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Environment Variables(Node.js)

Environment Variables(Node.js):

VariableValue ExampleDescription
APP_FILEserver.jsThe main application file to be launched
AUTO_OLD_HEAPTRUETurns on/off BitssCloud memory autoconfiguration (sets the maximum size of an old heap based on the amount of memory on the container)
HOME_DIR/home/BitssCloudContainer home directory (informational)
NODE_ENVdevelopmentSpecifies the environment in which an application is running (e.g. development, staging, production, testing, etc)
NODE_OPTIONS–trace-warningsVariable for specifying the V8 runtime options
NVM_DIRinformationalThe path where NVM is installed
PACKAGE_MANAGERnpmA variable which contains the name of the utility used for installing the javascript packages
PACKAGE_MANAGER_OPTS Additional options for the package manager (refer to the official npmor yarn documentation)
PROCESS_MANAGERnpmVariable for choosing the Node.js process manager (i.e. npm, pm2, forever, supervisor)
PROCESS_MANAGER_FILE Path to the file which contains the start options for the process manager
ROOT_DIR/home/BitssCloud/ROOTSets a path to the directory for application deployment
STACK_NAMEnodejsName of the stack (informational)
STACK_SHORT_VERSION6The major version of the current template (informational)
UPDATE_PACKAGES_ON_RESTARTtrueEnables/disables automatic packages installation after the nodejs service restart. If there is no node_modulesdirectory inside the webroot one, such an update is called regardless of the variable
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