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HAProxy(Hight Availablity Proxy) is a fast and good open source solution that is able to handle huge traffic and provides high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications.

Creating Environment:

1. log in to your BitssCloud Dashboard

2. Click on New Environment.

3. Within any programming language, you can activate the HAProxy load balancer server. Create Environment and click on create.

4. Environment Created.

HAProxy Configuration

HAProxy provides integrated admin panel, which can be accessed by clicking the Open in browser button ( ) and adding the /haproxy_adm_panel 

Enter the username and password through a received mail.

In the opened page you can see the list of your HAProxy balancer(s) and servers they are working with. Besides that, every instance is supplied with detailed information on queues, sessions, warnings, errors, check-up information, and more. Some configuration actions can be done using the drop-down just under the tables.

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