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How to install MSSQL server on Linux (2017)

Microsoft SQL Server (MsSQL) is a relational DB management system, developed by Microsoft. As a database server, its primary function is to store and retrieve data upon binded apps’ requests, regardless of the programming language they are written in. Microsoft SQL Server together with the embedded Server Management Studio combines the benefits of broad functionality, feature completeness, and inclusion of many useful extra options like analytics, performance monitoring, etc.

In order to get started with your Microsoft SQL Database Server(MsSQL 2017) at BitssCloud, refer to the following steps:

1. Login to your dashboard

2. Click on a new Environment, you need to create an Environment using docker>select image>mssql 2017

Select microsoft/mssql-server-linux option and click on next. Give a proper name to the environment and create.

3. After creating the Environment take Web SSH of App Server.

4.  After taking WebSSH need to run below commands:-

a. #cd /opt/mssql/bin

c. # ./mssql-conf setup

After running the command ./mssql.conf setup, choose the appropriate edition of SQL server. And accept a license.

5. Enter the SQL Server system administrator password and confirm it.

Now, you have successfully completed the SQL server.6. You need to give Public IPv4 to the container then connect the database through MySQL Management Studio.

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