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What is PaaS & CaaS

BitssCloud is a time-tested platform solution for the cloud market, that combines the benefits of both Platforms as a Service (PaaS) and Container as a Service cloud model, provided within a single turnkey package. Such an approach unleashes the full potential of a cloud for enterprises, ISVs, hosting service providers, and developers. 

A combination of PaaS and CaaS solutions is much more than just a simple hosting platform. In fact, the provided by BitssCloud software encompasses PaaS functionality, a complete infrastructure, smart orchestration, and container support – all together.

BitssCloud solutions provide the fastest deployment model, the maximum application density and comprehensive management for private, public and hybrid clouds, retaining the flexibility to customize infrastructure and application configurations.

Selling products directly to both hosting providers (public cloud) and enterprises (private and hybrid cloud) ensures benefits for all kinds of clients:

  • enterprises can slash costs and build a secure, scalable private cloud with our turnkey solution.
  • hosting providers can quickly address the developer market and deliver advanced PaaS functionality while achieving incredible application density and performance
  • developers get the advantages of an advanced application environment with true elastic scaling, delivered with the highest performance at the lowest cost.

From its inception, BitssCloud was defined as an open platform supporting multiple programming languages. Today BitssCloud supports Java, PHP,  Ruby, Node.js, Python, Net and, in addition, has the Docker Standard Support integrated.

Comparing to other solutions, BitssCloud PaaS and CaaS is unique in its advanced functionality and simplicity.

Here are some of the BitssCloud key benefits:

  • A turnkey Platform for Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud deployments with automated continuous integration, delivery, and upgrade processes.
  • support of numerous software stacks, extended with cartridges packaging model (more than 50 certified containers out-of-the-box) and custom Docker containers.
  • automated replication and truly automated scaling, both vertical and horizontal – all applications scale up and down on demand
  • various development environments for the most comfortable work experience – intuitive UI, open API and SSH access to containers
  • intelligent workloads distribution with multi-cloud and multi-region management
  • smart pricing integration – alongside multiple billing systems support (like WHMCS, Odin Service Automation, custom ones, etc), BitssCloud provides comprehensive billing engine, quotas, and access control policies
  • embedded troubleshooting tools for metering, monitoring, logging, etc.

Summing this all up, BitssCloud is able to bring a suitable solution to meet any DevOps needs. Try it right now and you’ll definitely love it!

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