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Galera Cluster not working


Whenever an entire Galera cluster is not working then you should never stop or restart the entire cluster. You can refer to the below steps for it.                                                     


1 – Take ssh of MySQL/MariaDB node

Take the ssh/web ssh of anyone MySQL/MariaDB node in that cluster.

Go to /var/lib/MySQL

open file grastate.dat

last line is safe_to_bootstrap: 0

change it to

safe_to_bootstrap: 1

Note: Bootstrap is the first node in a cluster. so we are saying it is safe for this node to be the first node in the galera cluster.

2 – Start MySQL

Service MySQL start

Once started, go to the other 2 nodes and start Mysql/MariaDB one by one.

Note: Don’t change grastate on the other 2 nodes.

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