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Recharge Card

The Recharge Cards are one-time fee service plans, that are sold to your BitssCloud users through Cleverbridge and PBAS billing systems for being subsequently used for charging their BitssCloud accounts. In order to configure the list of these one-time fee service plans, switch to the JCA > Billing > RechargeCard section. Here you can see the following information for the already existing cards:

  • Price (the one you’ve stated as setup fee/base price)
  • External card id (Product ID/One-Time Fee Hosting Plan ID)
  • Description (optional)
  • Enabled (availability for users)
  • Default (offered to users by default while refilling)

Add a New Recharge Card

1. If you want to add a new recharge card, click the Add button in the upper panel.

2. In the opened window specify the Price (setup fee/base price), External card id (Product ID/One-Time Fee Hosting Plan ID) and Description if needed within the corresponding input fields.

Also, here you can tick the following check-boxes:

  • Enabled: to make the product available for users.
  • Default: to offer your users this recharge card by default while refilling.Note that only one recharge card can be marked as default. If you mark the other card as default, then the first one will be automatically turned off.

3. Save the stated parameters using the same-named button to see your new recharge card in the table with information about its price, ID, description and status (i.e. whether it is enabled and marked as default).

Edit Recharge Card

To change any of the recharge card’s parameters, select it in the list and click the Edit button above.

In the opened window, specify the new parameter values you want to change (the same you’ve stated while card creation) and click the Save button.

Remove Recharge Card

In order to delete the recharge card, select it from the list, click the Remove button at the top tools panel, and confirm your choice.Note: You can’t delete the recharge card that is set as default. So before deleting you need to mark some other card as default and then delete the selected one.

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