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LiteSpeed License Plans with Pay-As-You-Go Approach

The integration of LiteSpeed web server and load balancer within BitssCloud PaaS is enhanced with a wider choice of pay-as-you-go license types, as well as implemented advanced automation for issuing the licenses within the cloud platform.

“BitssCloud is a great channel partner that empowers LiteSpeed technologies with the next-level automation. Our cooperation ensures simplicity and efficiency combined with enterprise-level performance for PHP applications deployed across a wide network of hosting service providers worldwide,” said George Wang, President at LiteSpeed Technologies Inc.

Pay-as-you-go model lets charge only containers that are up and running, there is no need to pay when servers are stopped and not in use. In addition, the license lifecycle management is fully automated. New licenses are issued for every newly-created container during environment provisioning or horizontal scaling, as well as updated while changing available resource limits within each container. Also, the decommission of licenses is performed while stopping the environment or scaling in. All license parameters are automatically adjusted based on the actions performed with the LiteSpeed containers, as well as their state at a particular hour.

Support of multiple new license plans is provided starting with the 5.9.3 release of BitssCloud PaaS. It is achieved with the License Manager add-on that is now pre-installed in the LiteSpeed containers (including LLSMP).

This add-on allows license configuration based on the following parameters:

  • Workers – the number of workers, which indicates how many processes will be spawned to do general server work
  • Domains – the domains’ limit (this only applies to top-level domains), any domain that exceeds the specified limit will result in a 403 error
  • LiteMage – fast, full page caching solution that caches dynamic pages as static files. This option is additionally charged based on the selected type (price details are outlined below).

At the bottom of the frame, you can see the cost of the current configuration. Click Apply to confirm changes and adjust your environment.

LiteSpeed Web ADC Pricing

The license price is calculated dynamically based on the network traffic processed by the node at the rate specified in the Per 1 GB per Hour column. So active environments are charged for at least 1GB, even if there is no traffic at all during a given hour (a minimum fee for the license usage). Also, the license cost per month cannot exceed the maximum value specified in the table. For example, for the default Web ADC Small plan, any traffic over 6500GB is free of charge until the end of the month (the first charge defines the starting date).

LiteSpeed Web Server Pricing
The LiteMage caching solution (with unlimited publicly cached objects) can be automatically configured for LiteSpeed ADC via License Manager add-on for an additional price of $149 per month.

By default, a license type is selected based on the RAM (i.e. number of cloudlets) available after the node creation:

  • up to 2 GB (16 cloudlets) – free of charge
  • up to 8 GB (64 cloudlets) – Rs 0.98 per hour
  • over 8 GB (64 cloudlets) – Rs 1.54 per hour

In the table, you can check the pricing details considering the number of chosen Workers and Domains via License Manager add-on.

If you activate LiteMage Cache extension, an additional Options field will appear allowing to choose the required plan and determine the number of publicly cached objects:

  • Starter – 1500 cached objects (0 INR/month)
  • Standard – 25000 cached objects (2957 INR/month)
  • Unlimited – unlimited cached objects (7394 INR/month)

Note: The exact cost for LiteSpeed ADC and Web Server may slightly vary from one platform to another, due to conversion to the native currencies. All account charges can be easily viewed via the Billing History in the dashboard.

“Nowadays, only BitssCloud provides such advanced license management for LiteSpeed servers by giving full automation combined with a pay-as-you-go model. This made LiteSpeed cloud hosting even easier and more cost-effective”.

Cutting-edge features help LiteSpeed-powered workloads handle traffic spikes without impacting performance. LiteSpeed hosting provides admins with a set of powerful security features, to keep clients data safe and protected. BitssCloud PaaS empowered this technology with automated scalability, easy management and flexible pricing approach in order to meet the needs of the projects with high or variable loads.

Interested in trying the advanced and cost-efficient LiteSpeed servers provided with a pay-as-you-go model? Sign up at one of BitssCloud service providers. Simplify, Save and Scale with BitssCloud PaaS.

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