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PostgreSQL PHP Connection

Connection to PostgreSQL for PHP Applications

Follow the instruction below to learn how to connect your PHP application, hosted within BitssCloud, to the PostgreSQL database server.

Create Environment

1. Log into the BitssCloud.

2. Create PHP environment with PostgreSQL database:

3. Check your e-mail – your inbox should have a message with database login and password:

Now, you can upload your PHP application package and deploy it to the environment.

Database Connection

1. Click the Config button for your Apache server.

2. Navigate to the etc folder and open the php.ini file.3. Add line after, like it is shown in the image below:

4. Save the changes and Restart nodes for the Apache server.

5. There are 2 main PG functions for connection:

  • Connection to your postgresql database:

pg_connect (“host=host_address port=5432 dbname=postgres user=webadmin password=password”);

  • host – Postgres server address that you received by email (note that it must be without http://): 
  • port – by default 5432
  • dbname – name of your database
  • user – by default is “webadmin”
  • password – the password that you received via email
  • Closing connection to postgresql database: pg_close()

All Postgres functions you can see here.6. You need to write necessary functions in every *.php page, which should be connected to the database.

Connection Check-Up

  • check the connection using this code:
1234567891011<?php $dbconn = pg_connect(" port=5432 dbname=postgres-demo user=webadmin password=password");//connect to a database named "postgres" on the host "host" with a username and password if (!$dbconn){echo "<center><h1>Doesn't work =(</h1></center>";}else echo "<center><h1>Good connection</h1></center>";pg_close($dbconn);?>
  • execute a simple request and output it into a table:
1234567891011121314151617181920<?php $conn = pg_connect(" port=5432 dbname=postgres-demo user=webadmin password=password");if (!$conn) { echo "An error occured.\n"; exit;} $result = pg_query($conn"SELECT * FROM test_table");if (!$result) { echo "An error occured.\n"; exit;} while ($row = pg_fetch_row($result)) { echo "value1: $row[0]  value2: $row[1]"; echo "<br />\n";} ?>

Now, you can use the connection to the PostgreSQL database for your PHP application.

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