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SFTP Protocols for Accessing BitssCloud Containers.

This post helps you to access your BitssCloud containers by SFTP protocol.

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) runs over SSH protocol on standard port 22 by default to establish a secure connection. SFTP is available in many GUI tools like  (FileZillaWinSCPFireFTP, etc.).


STEP 1 – Take web-SSH of your container.

STEP 2 – Generate a new SSH key (the RSA type is required) using the ssh-keygen tool:

    Generate ssh key using the below command

ssh-keygen -t rsa

STEP 3 – generated ssh keys are stored under the path  /var/www/.ssh/ ,use below command to open this directory.

cd   /var/www/.ssh/

STEP 4 – use the below command and copy this public key to your environment.

cat  /var/www/.ssh/ 

STEP 5 –  copy this private key to your local machine.[while copy the public key select key and use ctrl+shift+c to copy this key].

cat  /var/www/.ssh/id_rsa

STEP 6 – Open your setting option from the environment then go to SSH access section and click on SFTP option use these login credentials to log in your SFTP.

STEP 7 – Open your filezilla application.

file——>site manager—–>fill all login detail——>select logon type key file—–>Browse key——>connect.

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