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Upgrade & Refill Account

After the initial trial period, if you are satisfied with our product and wish to continue to use the platform, your account should be upgraded to the billing one. The conversion will additionally remove any limitations and provide access to all of the available functionality.

Tip: If you don’t have an account yet, choose the most suitable service provider for you (based on the geolocationperformancesupport quality, etc.) and sign up for a free trial.

BitssCloud will automatically send the confirmation email, so just follow the provided instructions (an additional captcha or SMS verification may be required).

1. Log in to the BitssCloud dashboard and click the Upgrade Account button at the top.

upgrade account button

Also, you can expand this menu for additional information on the trial limitationspricing, and recent resource usage.

2. Within the opened window, you need to provide the requested personal data and to accept the Terms of Service agreement in order to create your billing account.

upgrade to billing form

Click Upgrade and complete an obligatory first balance refill to finalize the conversion.

3. For the following payments, expand the Balance menu at the top of the dashboard and click the Refill Balance option.

refill balance button

4. Within the opened panel you can set the required refill sum (using the appropriate slider) and choose the preferred payment method.

refill balance configuration


  • if the VAT number (tax amount) for the payment is equal to zero, it can be hidden within BitssCloud UI, depending on your hosting service provider’s settings
  • if you can not find your preferred payment method among the available ones, click the contact us link to discuss the possibility of using alternative options

Click the Submit Payment button and fulfill the invoice via the chosen payment system.

5. After a successful money transfer, you’ll see the appropriate pop-up within your dashboard.

successful payment notification

6. Also, you can automate the process with the help of the auto-refill option (Balance > Configure auto-refill). Here, specify payment sum/method and additionally select the refill condition:

  • Weekly (every Monday)
  • Monthly (1st of each month)
  • Balance less than the specified sum

Note: The auto-refill feature is not supported by some billing systems (i.e. this option may not be available for your particular hosting provider) and payment methods (e.g. PayPal or bank transfer).

auto-refill configuration

Click Confirm to enable auto-refill for the account.

Now, you know how to convert to billing and how to keep your account active with a regular balance refill.

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