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How to Bind Custom Domain via CNAME

In order to bind a custom domain name to such an environment, a special CNAME (canonical name) redirect should be configured. It specifies an alias for a canonical name record of your environment in a Domain Name System (DNS) database. Note: If your environment uses Public IP as an entry point, you’ll need to follow another instruction on setting up DNS A Record to bind your custom domain name.

So, to set a custom domain for your project instead of the default env_name.{hoster_domain} link by means of CNAME, follow the step-by-step instruction below:

1. Log in to your domain registrar and add the canonical name (CNAME) for the preliminary bought external domain so it points to your BitssCloud environment URL, e.g.:  CNAME  env_name.{hoster_domain}

2. Next, switch to the BitssCloud dashboard and click the Settings button (the wrench icon) for the environment you need to bind this domain name to.

3. Within the automatically selected Custom domains menu tab, use the Domain binding section to specify your domain name (e.g. and Bind it with the corresponding button.

Note: It may take up to several minutes until the new URL settings will take effect.

Amazing! You can access your environment under its unique domain name.

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