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Linux VPS Access via SSH Gate

In order to manage the required software inside your Elastic VPS container, you need to connect to it via SSH protocol. A connection can be performed through the dedicated BitssCloud SSH Gate, which provides a single access point to configure all environments and servers within your account remotely.

Note: For Windows VPS management, utilize the remote desktop protocol (RDP) support.

The process of SSH access to the Elastic VPS nodes is the same as for any other container on the platform but provides full root access.

  • Web SSH

A one-click connection to your VPS container from the BitssCloud dashboard without any configuration required.

  • SSH Gate

An SSH connection to VPS from the console on your local machine. Access is based on your custom SSH key pair.

Note: If you haven’t established a connection via SSH Gate before, you’ll need to perform the following steps beforehand:

  • generate an SSH key pair
  • add your public SSH key to the dashboard

In case you prefer to operate your VPS container with the help of external SSH tools, consider establishing access via Public IP address. Regardless of the chosen approach, the provided functionality and management capabilities are the same.

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