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How to start with BitssCloud


One-click deployment.


1 – Browse the  webpage

2 – Choose the language/platform that you have used to develop your application. 

3 –Select Web / Application Server

4 – Select Database Server

5 – Select Database Server

6 – Select Region (BitssCloud is available in USA, India, and Germany. New locations coming soon. )

7 –  Enter your e-mail address (Activation link will be sent to your e-mail address.)

8 –  Environment Name (Your environment will be deployed on a free sub-domain name.)

9 – Please check your mail ID for the deployment link (Click on the deployment button).

10 – Fill out your account password and confirm it again.

11 – Enter your mobile number(OTP will be sent to your mobile number) and fill this OTP.

12 – start installation.


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