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VPS Horizontal Scaling

 The ability to host multiple BitssCloud Virtual Private Servers in a single environment highly facilitates management, in case of the necessity to work with several VPS at once. Herewith, each node remains an independent server, that is able to run a separate application.

 Increasing the number of nodes for VPS cluster will clone its master container (i.e. the initially created server), so that new instances will have all the same configurations. Obviously, each node has its own hostname and administrator credentials, provided in the appropriate emails.

Tip: You are also able to automate VPS horizontal scaling based on incoming load with the help of tunable triggers.You can also reset the password not just for a separate server, but for the whole set of VPS nodes in case it’s necessary to regain administrator access for all of them:

Note: Each of the added VPS nodes has a separate Public IP address attached, i.e. if your cluster consists of 3 private servers, you’ll be charged for usage of 3 different IPs. The exact cost of the external address feature at your Platform can be seen within the Quotas & Pricing information frame.Nevertheless, in case of a strict necessity, you can contact your hosting provider and request the option of running VPS with the internal IP only (e.g. when a special application infrastructure, that is partially inaccessible from outside, is required).

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